Software Development Process

D-Tech Media generally follows the Agile methodology for software development. Creating a minimum viable product and iterating over time will yield great results with minimum time and budget. The old way of doing a full requirements document and building the entire solution on “paper” does not allow the project to move at a pace that matches the speed of today’s technology changes. D-Tech Media will work with you to accelerate the design phase and build the software in a way that allows us to rapidly adjust to changes in requirements or the external environment.


What can we build? Anything really. D-Tech Media has experience in basic scripting languages like JavaScript, PHP and others but we can also support an enterprise .Net application on Azure or a Node.JS app on AWS. We will bring the right team to the job and select the most appropriate infrastructure for the delivery model.

Our team can deploy on a shared hosting account, a dedicated VPS or any cloud provider. We will also put a high priority on security by using best practices, strong passwords, authenticator apps, and firewalls where appropriate. When working across systems we will use SSL and oAuth as standard practice. 

From a data perspective we can support MySQL, MariaDB, MS SQL, Cosmos, Dynamo or Mongo. 

No project is too small but some may be too large. Our model works well web applications and system integrations but we are not in the business of building desktop software or full blown SaaS solutions.

Our Development Process

We strive to deliver great customer service and engage in collaborative project management. Larger project will have a dedicated project manager and regular touch points.

We build digital for a living.

D-Tech works with talented developers and designers that have a passion for this type of work. We believe that if you put the user first the rest will come together naturally. If not, use the hammer :).