Within the web development arena there exist a variety of essential skills that quality developers must possess and understand. Web security, performance, and cross-browser compatibilities, are just a few of the building blocks that are used to build a high-quality web experience for your customers. Adding the ability the stay abreast of emerging technologies takes a true dedication for a developer.

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Interface and User Experience


Within the world-wide web ecosystem there are a wide variety of web browsers that can be used to access content on the Internet.

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera

These browsers exhibit inconsistencies with how they will render a specific website. Therefore, a deep understanding of browser compatibility is a must for any skilled developer. At D-Tech we will ensure that your website will have a consistent look and feel across all the major web browsers.

Popular Web Browsers


Web Security

Unfortunately, there are people out in the world who would seize the opportunity to hack your site and preform any number of malicious acts, everything from collecting your customer’s personally identifiable information (PII) to using your site to broadcast spam or other unsolicited propaganda. Protecting your web presence can be one of the most critical components of the build process. Trusting highly skilled developers will help to ensure that your web presence is safe and secure.

Common Security Threats

  • SQL Injection

  • Remote Code Execution

  • Ransomware

Web Performance

Web Proformance

As technology and Internet speeds increase, users of web services naturally become more and more impatient as they expect everything to be immediate. Recent studies have shown that a website must load in under four seconds or risk losing customers and parental revenue. And yet, websites continue to grow in size and complexity. Therefore, the ability to increase the efficiency of a website is critical. Understanding and implementing technologies that can shorten the load time of a website must be implemented in order to quickly capture and retain the attention of potential customers.

D-Tech understands the need for speed and will ensure that your site is the evaluated and optimized for peak performance.

Performance Increaser's

  • Implement CDN Technologies

  • Minify JavaScript and CSS files

  • Utilize Proper Image Formats

  • Maintain Current Plug-ins

  • Website Caching