Responsive Website Design


The goal of any web designer is simply to capture the attention of your audience and keep it; that’s it.

Quality website design will grab a users full attention and retain it long enough to compel them to take the next step. By that we mean click a “contact us” button, fill out a “request more info” form, or if your site is an e-commerce site, purchase a product that is listed on your site. D-Tech Media employs designers with a strong track record and successful completion of quality projects within their portfolio.

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Website Developement


The ecosystem that encompasses the Internet and web is ever changing. New technologies frequently emerge and change the way in which we develop for web. As technology advances it increases the opportunity to implement new features and deploy functionalities that will increase user satisfaction and improve productivity.

Our developers take pride in developing fully responsive (mobile ready) websites, with a focus on performance, security, and cross browser compatibility. We will strive to build a website that will perform correctly and consistently over time.

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E-commerce solutions will provide your business with a collection of features and functionalities that will aid in the day-to-day operations of your business. E-commerce software platforms will allow your business to expand its reach, engage more customers, and increase sales. Providing your customer with the ability to browse your product catalog and make purchases on-line will increase sales opportunities.

With built-in customer management systems, you will be able to retain information regarding your customers and keep them engaged through newsletters, sales emails and special offers/coupons. Inventory management tools give you the power to monitor and maintain minimum inventory through customized alerts and notifications. Put that all together and you have one powerful sales tool.

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Content Management Systems


Your business is constantly changing and growing, and therefore, so should your website. A CMS, or Content Management System, give you the ability to quickly and efficiently make changes to the content on your website.

Within the software marketplace there is a wide variety of open source and free to use content management systems. These include products such as WordPress, Drual, and Joomla. By utilizing open source options D-Tech can quickly and inexpensively create a compelling web experience for your customers. However, if your needs fall outside of the capabilities of a standard CMS, we have the expertise needed to build and deploy a custom CMS system that will suit your business needs. This empowers you, as a business owner, with an agile web presence that can grow and evolve with you and your business.

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Cloud Hosting


Once the development is complete and your new website is up and running, there is still a substantial amount of work to be done. The ongoing maintenance and support of your hosting environment can be complex and time consuming. Add regular content updates to the mix and you are looking at multiple hours of work each month. This is time you can better spend running your business while D-Tech Media manages your content and hosting. Our maintenance contracts cover a variety of support functions and can fit into almost any budget. Leverage our support services and never worry about your online presence again.

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There are a number of compelling reasons to consider subscription based software solutions for your business or even personal needs. For starters, it provides a predictable and consistent cost structure which means no expensive license fees that are only tied to the version that is current at the time of purchase. With our subscription based solution you will always be working with current up-to-date software. Enjoy scalability and collaboration functionalities with Microsoft’s and our custom solutions that will help to increase your team’s productivity while reducing cost.

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