The Company

D-Tech Media was founded in 2015 to serve the needs of small business owners. Over the years we have helped many businesses improve their online presence. As we expand and grow into other markets and diversify our services, we strive to be honest, transparent, customer centric and a partner in our clients success.

D-Tech Media is a Minnesota based company (Go Wild) serving clients in South East Minnesota, the upper mid-west and around the world. We are currently operating as a virtual organization without a physical office. Being virtual affords us the opportunity to work with businesses in any part of the world. We have found that by using a combination of phone calls, video conferences and email we are able to work effectively. That being said, we do enjoy meeting in person at your business or coffee shop if we are able to do so. 

Why Choose D-Tech Media

There are many companies that do what we do. There are fewer companies that do things the way we do them. We don’t charge the highest rates possible. We don’t bill for every little thing. We actually care about the people we work for. We hope that you would feel comfortable recommending us to your peers. We are direct, honest, and transparent with recommendations, billing, and the work we perform. We want to earn your trust and build a relationship that provides value.
We promise to treat you with respect and kindness no matter your age, background, race, gender, or economic status.